Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treament in Delhi, India |

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treament in Delhi, India |

All the information related to Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment, Cost, Process & Procedures, Hospitals and Doctors is available at in Delhi, India.


Your Heart and Pacemaker……

As we are moving forward keeping pace with technology, it also increasing the chances of danger. Danger respect to our lives, threats to our bodies. The most common is heart attack. We all well known about it and the major concern about it that one might be affected with it any time and any where. But if it analysed at time or the patient is treated with right care he/she can be rescued. It credited to advance and effective heart surgeries like congenital, pacemaker, heart transplant and other more. Each surgery is implemented on heart but invoked on particular cases. Today we will have a discussion about “Pacemaker of the Heart

pacemaker of heart at Healthyzer

A pacemaker is a small device having size of as coin that help to regulate heart beats at normal rate. During the surgery it placed in abdomen or in skin next to the heart. The device placed in human heart has the proficiency to raise the electrical impulses and that’s the reason that make a person comfort with their abnormal heart beats. There are two parts are considered in a pacemaker device. The part one consists of electrodes (leads) that help to deliver electric signals to the heart through wires. The another one comprises pulse generator that controls heart beats through battery inside it.

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While placing pacemaker in heart a minor surgery is required. Before surgery one usually medicated to make sleepy or faint. To make your surgery pain free doctor always numb the area of your body to place pacemaker. The surgery can be done in either heart treatment lab or in hospitals.

Motherhood Fruition with Artificial Insemination

If we back in age of 19th century we would find several women fighting with problem of infertility. No doubt it’s a dream of every family to have their own child. But there was no such scenario that could help those couples. After a long time research in 1980, direct intraperitoneal insemination was infrequently used. After the successful put forwarded report a number of women got fruition of fertility across world-wide. Let’s have a look upon a complete Artificial Insemination process and know what actually it is.

Motherhood Fruition with Artificial Insemination

Insemination is an infertility treatment in which the sperm are placed in the uterus, cervix and fallopian. In this process large quantity of washed sperm are get placed. However there are four types of insemination technologies got introduced but IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is one of the popular and suggested by doctor. The treatment procedure is of few minutes that require no medication and feel of pain.

artificial insemination procedure at healthyzer

After the two weeks of artificial insemination doctors always suggest to go for a pregnancy test. Which state a definitive result. After the procedure there could be possibilities of non pregnancy. But in this case it is advised to try the procedure again rather than moving to another treatment of fertility.

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